About Us

Flamingo Management Consultant, UAE has formed Forte Recruitment Consultant, India as its extended arm. We were founded in 2006 to provide corporate clients with recruitment and related services. Forte, as a pioneering recruiting firm, offers clients unparalleled reach across industry sectors.

We will manage the initial contact with qualified candidates, provide candidate profiles to the hiring company, and mediate any communication between the candidates and the organisation. We excite and delight our stakeholders, both job seekers and industry. In addition to finding suitable positions, we assist in the development of long-term careers. The learning and training process is constantly optimised in order to match skill sets with job requirements and achieve work-life balance.


What are Forte's major advantages?

  • Reach the most suitable people
  • Forward-thinking attraction methods covering the market
  • Perfect fit for your business
  • Candidates are fully vetted against all requirements
  • Quick placement
  • Reduced time to hire with our targeted approach